the Asian heritage:





incense burner (china)

incense sticks (vietnam)

arrangement of fragrant flowers, incense and candles for buddhist service (laos)

perfume oil flacons made of leather (india)

range of different perfumery goods (yemen)

perfume balls (taiwan)

flacons in the shape of islamic motifs (united arab emirates)

perfumery tools (japan)

incense box (japan)

perfume flacon made of fine glass (india)

gold open-work jewelry box used for carrying aromatics and enjoying their fragrance (china)

perfume organ – a perfumer's collection of various perfume oils (singapore)

set of tools used for the ritual incense game 'kodo' (japan)

perfumery tool: plate for preparing incense (yemen)

archeological find: incense burner (china)

censer (japan)

aromatic wood craft: pendant set in gold wire (taiwan)

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