the Asian heritage:





painting: preparation of a censer (japan)

perfumery manuscript (yemen)

wall painting: symbolic images of fragrant plants (iran)

painting: enjoying the fragrance of a flower (india)

censer with farsi inscription of persian poems, in the typical shape and color of eastern asian censers used for 'listening to fragrance' – a skilled perception practice (china)

relief work: fragrant flower sprays (taj mahal, india)

preparation of the buddhist service: bundles of three incense sticks (taiwan)

painting detail: preparation of incense for the lords (china)


perfumery manuscript (japan)

ritual incense game 'kodo': answer sheets of the participants guessing the specific olfactory note (japan)

mutual reflection of poetry and fragrance in architecture (tomb of Saadi, iran)

aromatic wood art: buddha, found in the natural grain of a piece of agarwood (malaysia)

relief: incense for the shah (persepolis, iran)

aesthetic synergies: the fragrance of the aromatic pieces specifically resembles their poetic names (japan)

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