the Asian heritage:





fragrant worshipping (india)

showing hospitality: burning incense (yemen)

fragrant prayers: incense coils in a temple (hong kong)

islamic gardens: an architectural composition of flower and tree fragrances (iran)

hindu prayer service: aromatic garland offerings to deities  (india)

welcome and protection of a newborn by burning incense (yemen)

private altar, including incense and flower offerings (india)

friendly reception of visitors: aromatic flowers (laos)

ritual service: preparing incense for the deity (india)

emperor's throne: surrounded by censers (forbidden city, china)

zen service including incense burning (taiwan)

buddhist service: offering of flowers and incense sticks (laos)

islamic service: smoothing aromatic oil on  wooden rosaries (yemen)

space for ritual incense appreciation (japan)

fragrant offering (india)

chinese gardens: subtle experience of fragrances through decoratively-barred windows (china)

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