This website is a non-profit, private initiative by Dr. Dinah Jung, and is based on long-term research on Asian arts of producing, refining and appreciating aromatics as well as on therapeutic experience.


The research has been possible through the enormous support by uncounted perfumery stakeholders all over Asia and elsewhere:

  • Producers, retailers, and vendors, of both raw materials and fine products,
  • Therapeutic specialists, spiritual masters, physicians, and other experts of aromatics,
  • Users,
  • Museums, archives, libraries, cultural and educational institutions,
  • NGOs.

Due to the impossibility of presenting all Asian perfumery stakeholders individually on this website, none of them is named here in favor of impartialness towards all of them.

The website as such was established in the frame of an interdisciplinary and multicultural research project at the University of Heidelberg (2009-2013). Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Lothar Ledderose. Research assistants: Jiani Gao, Rima Haj Rachid, Stephanie Akiko Haschke, Tayebeh Rafiee Sadi, and others.

The project has been kindly supported by outstanding scholars since then.

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We are grateful for your suggestions and comments on this project and the Asian perfumery heritage in general.


Please, get in touch. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Email: heritage@mindful-breathing.com


The threefold heritage is undergoing momentous change in these years.


IIn order to call attention to the existence, character and value of the ancient heritage, it would be worthwhile to:

  • publish already extant research data,
  • archive and exhibit exemplary perfumery utensils and manuscripts,
  • encourage and support younger scholars to take up new research in this field,
  • enable intra-Asian exchange between practitioners,
  • offer sensory trainings and therapeutic information to the public.


If you like to become involved and support this non-profit project, we will be grateful for getting in touch with us.



Email: heritage@mindful-breathing.com


Dr. phil. Dinah Jung
anthropologist and licensed clinical naturopath
Email: heritage@mindful-breathing.com







Dr. phil. Dinah Jung


Email: heritage@mindful-breathing.com

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