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Please, note:


It is rare to find information about Asian perfumery arts, such as ethnographic examples and historical developments.

Thus, the following links only seldom offer direct information about Asian traditions, but may serve as starting points towards identifying scholarly gaps.





I. Perfumery traditions of Asia

II. Nature therapy

III. Natural resources

IV. Chemical compounds

V. Global industry

VI. Research centers

VII. Public museums, libraries and platforms

VIII. Western education

IX. Green care



I. perfumery traditions of asia


Please, note:

There is no other virtual platform for traditional Asian perfumery arts.

Moreover, it is an unattainable goal to cite all publications – though not endless in number – in this field.

To give an alternative, the following publications serve as starting points to sketch the Asian landscape of perfumery traditions.




VI. research centers


Sense of smell research institutions and clusters


IX. green care


Please, note:

There is no virtual platform for green care specifically concerning perfumery issues.

The following links may support ideas towards such a goal.


Public discussion


Children's education







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